Privacy Policy

The website is run and managed by Junior Chamber International Japan. Handling personal information is based on the protection policy designated by Junior Chamber International Japan as follows:

Junior Chamber International Japan (hereinafter referred to as the “Organization”) set forth the following as their privacy policy and its measures. It is declared as the Organization’s “Privacy Policy”.

1. Basic Policy
The organization shall recognize the importance of this privacy policy. All officers and employees must obey its laws and regulations. The organization may enforce “appropriate handling of the privacy policy” and “ safe and reliable administration and management of the privacy policy.” The organization may implement “review on such occasion” as needed for improvement.

2. Purpose of Use
The organization has its purpose for general coordination among all JCI offices all over the nation, and represents their opinions. The organization develops national scale activities and stimulates Japanese economic growth. The organization cultivates a better international understanding through its cooperation with Junior Chamber International. This cooperation encourages the friendship. The organization contributes to world prosperity and peace.
To achieve the previously stated purposes, the organization may collect personal information and use it to the extent of the following.
In addition, the organization may not use personal information other than for certain purposes, which are stated in this policy, unless there has been acquisition of consent by any particular individual.
( i ) Making out a list of members to the organization
(ii) Sending out magazines and papers
(iii) Offering credit card application, life insurance policy or goods purchasing.
(iv) Confirming entry qualification for events held by the Organization.
(v) Verifying the creation of a user account for initial entry to the homepage, which is run by the Organization.
(vi) Collecting questionnaires and reporting the results (including JCCS JC communication system.)
(vii) Providing personal user information to the related organizations (excluding industry sectional committees.)

3. Providing Personal Information
The Organization shall not provide any personal information unless obtaining the consent of the person, except as stipulated in “Restriction of Provision to a Third Party” as part of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Article23, paragraph (1), (2), (4).

4. Entrusting and Handling Personal Information
For the purposes listed above, the Organization may outsource the handling of personal information. In such case, we select the person who takes the proper steps for the protection of personal information. The organization may give necessary and appropriate counsel to ensure the highest level of privacy protection.

5. About Inquiry Regarding Personal Information
The Organization has the obligation to disclose any and all personal information provided by its member. In the case of illegal handling of personal information, correction and suspension of use can be requested. Please refer to below contact information for any questions or inquiries. In such case, we may ask the individual to provide us certain documentation as a proof of your identity. However, requested documentation will be used only for identifying a person, and not for any other purpose.
For complaints and requests in regards to the disclosure of personal information, please contact:
〒102-0093 2-14-3 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan
Junior Chamber International Japan

6. Appropriate Treatment of Personal Information
The organization is responsible for the proper treatment of personal information. The Organization will follow the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration and leakage of information.

7. Management System for Personal Information Protection
The person who is assigned by the president or managing director shall be the overall controller as “Chief Privacy Officer” for the Organization’s personal information protection.