◆ “Our Message to the Future to Tomorrow” English version Additional release on 2014/11/22

To truly recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we not only need a temporary message, but a symbol of recovery that can be passed on. We use the power of music. We tell the stories of the disaster, as well as sing in hope of a bright future.

Through this project, we aim to inspire all children to dream of a better world.

We, JCI Japan, are working to create a picture of a bright future in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We see the opportunity to host such an event as inspiration for Japan’s restoration.

The song “Our Message to the Future to Tomorrow” was performed at Restoration Creation Forum in March, 2014.
The song spreads out among many people.
We have newly produced English version of “Our Message to the Future to Tomorrow.”
The song can be downloaded for free. Please download together with Japanese ver. And Karaoke ver.



“Our Message to the Future to Tomorrow” was produced by Kunio Tago (Avex Management Inc.) who supported the project.
In producing the song, Tago insisted on meeting children in Fukushima so that he could hear their words, see their faces, and understand their feelings. He wanted these to be reflected in the lyrics and music. He also visited the towns of Naraha (location of the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plant) and Tomioka. He then visited Iwaki city to see the places where the children actually live. Tago became deeply involved with them through listening to their songs and through his conversations with them.

And so, “Our Message to the Future to Tomorrow” was made.

The song has meaningful lyrics, which reflect a variety of experiences and their anxiety about the future. The children have appreciation for the people who supported them after the disaster. They realized that they could hope for a normal life. This song was written with children’s words. They will be able to recognize the song as their own. This song describes the power of each child. We hope the song’s message will be passed on to future generations.


Kunio Tago (lyricist, musician, producer)
Strongly influenced by American rock, he started a band in his school days. He went on to win various music contests. With a demo tape as a start, he signed to the tearbridge record label. He has produced a large number of hits, providing songs for Ayumi Hamazaki; hitomi; Every little thing; Kou Shibazaki; and more. Noted Works: Yusaku Kiyama “home” (lyrics and music); Ayumi Hamazaki “Days” (music); Every little thing “Sakurabito” (music).
Official homepage:

May J.さんからのメッセージ「この曲は、明るい未来へ、被災地の⽅々の背中を押してあげられるような、前向きな思いが込められた曲。この先ずっと歌い継がれ、成⻑していくと嬉しいです。私の全てのパワーを込めて歌いました。明⽇への希望を、歌を通じて届けられたらと思っています」

May j. (Singer)
She is a multilingual artist capable of speaking various languages with the background of Japan, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Spain, and England. Since childhood, she had learned dancing, playing piano and operas and she also has ability of writing lyrics, composing songs, and singing and playing with a piano. Her formidable singing talent and clear voice, and her positive message has resonated with people which attained the support from wide range of generation. She has debuted with mini album “ALL MY GIRLS” on July 12, 2006. For the second album released in 2009, she rocketed to fame by attracting a huge attention covering the song “Garden”. The number of accumulated download of the garden exceeded two millions and which led to place the song as the second place on Oricon weekly chart at the first appearance. The third album “for you” also placed in Top 10 ranking which made continuous two albums placed in Top 10. She released the first best album “May J. REST” February in 2013. In June, 2013, she released the cover album “Summer Ballad Covers” which was placed in Top 10 of Oricon chart for consecutive five week and became a big hit with accumulated sales exceeding 300,000 CDs. The accumulated downloads of latest cover album “Heartful Song Covers” has also exceeded 250,000 times. She took part of Japanese version theme song of Disney movie “Frozen” released in 2014 which made a social phenomenon due to its recordable big hit, and her voice made her living room popularities immobilized. She has been very active with taking a part of regular MC for TV and radio programs and appearing many ads films. She will commence the biggest nation-wide tour, “May J. Tour ~ Message for Tomorrow ~” in her history in July, 2014!
Official homepage:




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